Secondhand MG Spares

We have many secondhand parts available for sale. The list below is not exhaustive so please call with your requirements.

A very rare HRG crossflow cylinder head in alloy. This item is dated 1958 so is probably off an MGA but I had it fitted to my Fast Road MGB (see on "Our Cars" page) and it flew along with 2 twin choke webbers slotted onto it. It does weep a tiny amount of coolant but this was only ever a problem I had on track days, not on the road.

5 bearing engines in various conditions.

Hood frames. Black and grey folding types.

MGC alloy bonnet. Brand new with Heritage box. 

Wire wheels axles. Front crossmembers and rear axle for chrome bumpered car.

Rostyle wheel axles. Front crossmembers and rear axles for chrome and rubber bumpered cars.