The Workforce


Our little Boxer, Zookie, somewhat smaller than she is these days! She’s very friendly and has become well known to all our customers. She has reached the grand age of ten but still behaves like a puppy when visitors arrive, often pinching a welding glove to bring to customers as a welcome gift!


“Don’t forget that spring washer…”


Mischief deep in thought…

Health & Safety Officer

Mischief now only comes to work on high days and holidays, preferring to stay home keeping Savvi company. She does, however, take safety at work very seriously.


“Ok, you have a sleep and I will keep an ear open for any visitors…..”


We have a new dachshund whose name is Saveloy, although to preserve his dignity, we call him Savvi. Somewhat of a nervous chap, he isn’t confident with new people so he stays home with Mrs Colne Classics. Although not strictly an employee, Savvi often travels in the works car. He does like to see where he is going so a box for extra height was required.

Advertising Executive

Even though he works from home, Savvi likes to look the part.

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